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A mother and former model, she has been practicing for more than ten years, continuously exploring her innermost being. Founder of Wild Sisters United, a gathering of women who come together for three days in the woods in an alternation of traditions, knowledge, disciplines and rituals to get back in touch with the spirit of the wild woman and awaken the Goddess that lives in each one of us.

What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

Breakfast gives me the physical and energetic boost to get my day off to a good start, it has always been my favourite meal. One of my favourite breakfasts is what I call super creamy porridge. My great grandmother was British, maybe that's also why I have such a sweet tooth for it! It is oatmeal that I cook for a few minutes in almond milk, to which I then add different toppings every day such as seasonal fruit, nut butter, two 100% chocolate cubes and some seeds, spices or powder.

What is the first thing you do every morning to start your day the best way?

I clean my tongue with a tongue cleaner which is an Ayurvedic practice I learnt many years ago in India and which I can no longer do without. It serves to remove toxins and bacteria that settle overnight. Then I brush my teeth and take a short shower of cold water, massaging my body with almond oil. I continue with my personal sadhana which includes a few warm-up exercises and one or more Kundalini meditations depending on the amount of time I have available. Finally, still in contemplation of the silence, I drink a cup of tea.

What would you write on a billboard in the centre of your city?

As obvious as it may sound, it is only when we bring awareness to the act of inhaling and exhaling that we can anchor ourselves in the here and now.

Do you have rituals that help you feel more confident with yourself?

My life is studded with rituals. Repetition, like mantras, brings serenity to the mind. I try to stay in the flow by following the cyclical nature and the moon. I use a lot of incense and herbs, essential oils, descend into the depths of listening through cocoa and tea ceremonies and take moments to write down in my journal emotional or super consciousness states that emerge.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘success’?

There are many ways to feel fulfilled. For me, success is feeling complete, being able to find your place in the world in the integrity of your inner calling.

If you were invited to speak at a conference and you didn't have to talk about your work, what would you talk about?

I would talk about mindfulness and how, by reflecting on the intrinsic meaning of this word, we can shape our lives through a holistic approach that allows us to give equal value to body, mind and soul.

Is there anything you believe in that other people find crazy?

Human beings are accustomed to putting a label on everything, person or circumstance, often leaving judgement superficial. I want to answer this question with another question: who determines what normality is?

What human characteristic most appeals to you?

Empathy. Being able to read people's hearts bypassing minds and words.

Three people you would invite for dinner if you had the chance and why.

A woman of medicine, to talk about how wisdom and ancient knowledge can reconnect us with our true essence; Bruce Lipton, American cell biologist, to delve into his revolutionary research; Marina Abramović, to listen to her recount all the sensations she felt during her performances.

Do you tend to choose courage or comfort?

As much as comfort is certainly more accommodating, I find myself always choosing courage. I have travelled so much in the world, but even more within myself and it is only when I can step out of my comfort zone that I see my progress on the path of evolutionary and spiritual growth.

If you could change your job for a day, what would you become?

A documentary filmmaker and impress the most remote places in the world with photos and videos.

Do you have any favourite podcasts? Which ones would you suggest?

I can write you endless lists of favourite books but I haven't had a chance to approach podcasts yet.

Describe your practice in three words.

Ethereal. Aware. Introspective.


Your everyday uniform: skinny jeans, oversized jumper and boots or maxi dress
Favourite flowers: I love flowers and leaves with autumn colours and berry branches
Your comfort food: pistachio and hazelnut ice cream
Your favourite magazine: Kinfolk Magazine
The Book of your heart: "Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Your favourite artist: Frida Kahlo
Your favourite city: Courmayeur and London