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The CIAOMONDO approach is based on five activities: breathing, movement, meditation, creativity, sharing. Breathing, movement and meditation are the first three keys to a personal path that does not want to push you to change your life, but to improve what you already do.

Creativity, is to put yourself out there and have fun experimenting.

Sharing, is the ultimate goal: once you have learnt the concepts, you have the tools to open yourself up to others and keep this cycle of evolution going.


These five parts are a method, a checklist of activities to try when you don't feel, mentally and physically, comfortable.


Breathing connected to movement helps you to clear your mind, calm it down, regain concentration, and channel your energy, achieving a state of balance that will make you more serene.


Moving the body to balance the mind, to improve posture and awareness. Routes to build muscles, to sweat and let go.


Create calmness within you, create space, fortifies your inner self. Create confidence in you, to love yourself. Visualize your desires with a clear mind.


Explore, always be curious and use the creative thinking to find visions and solutions from multiple points of view. The paths are endless, you have to know how to recognise them.


Don't be jealous of your improvement and of what you have learned in life. Share your knowings with people, be a gentle human, practice silence, be proud of who you are, and spread your light to the world.

Questions and support

A safe place where you can take care of yourself every day, where you can find balance through breathing and movement. We have tried to answer the most common questions, if you want more information write to us!