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An effective method for balancing mind and body.

Every day, from sunrise to sunset, live classes and recorded meditations
to practice wherever you are.

9,90€ per month

Begin your journey of wellness

  • Unlock access to 80+ english monthly live classes, 120+ italian monthly live classes, and recorded vocal meditaion always avaiable.

Build stronger relationship with yourself.

  • Unlimited access to dozens of vocal meditations, always available everywhere you are.

Your breathe. Your smile. Your practice.

  • A community to interact, share ideas, experiences and evolve on the mat and in daily life. We are so excited for you all to connect with each other!
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Your weekly positive updates!

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Access all live classes, dozens of recorded meditations always available, workshops and surprises.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Yoga (with many different styles), Pilates, Barre Ballet, Meditation, Pranayama, Kundalini, Primitive Moves, HIIT, LIIT, Total Body, Flexy, Freedom Dance, and many more.

Monthly, €9.90

Unlock access to 80+ English monthly live classes, 120+ Italian monthly live classes, workshops, and surprises. Dozens of recorded vocal meditations are always available, anytime, anywhere.

Billed annually, €115

With this annual membership your daily practice for less than €2,50 per week. Live practices and recorded meditations always available.

We are seeking balance, that state that makes us feel good in the present and allows us to work on our future.

Who is it aimed at?

Anyone who wants to move their body and mind, to experiment, to find a safe place to practice, to make new connections, to evolve. You don't need to have experience, that is created with time, perseverance and love.

Our Mindful Teachers

Kind, smiling, intelligent, experienced and certified, these are our teachers! Their mastery of the well-being of mind and body will guide you in the evolution of your daily path. Practice with us and find out who they are!

The Classes

Movement is adrenaline, and the perception of it is freedom, understanding breathing techniques is fundamental to begin an evolution and these elements combined are a way to find balance. All practices are accessible to everyone. If you are just starting out and would like a plan of how to begin your day, write to

The hypothetical Calendar
of the week

You can find the week's calendar updated every Sunday in your private area.

English classes are UK time. Italian classes are EU time.

  • 07:00 IT Pranayama
  • 07:00 EN Yoga
  • 07:30 IT Pilates
  • 09:00 IT Energy Yoga Flow
  • 12:30 EN Yoga
  • 13:00 IT Pilates
  • 18:00 IT Power Arms
  • 18:00 EN Floor Work
  • 18:30 IT Barre Ballet
  • 19:30 IT Intuitive Yoga Flow
  • 20:00 EN Yin Yoga
  • 06:O0 EN Yoga
  • 06:30 IT Yoga
  • 07:30 IT Intuitive Yoga Flow
  • 12:30 EN Yoga
  • 13:00 IT Power Yoga
  • 18:00 IT Yoga Base
  • 19:00 EN Pilates
  • 19:00 IT Pilates
  • 20:00 IT Focus Yoga Flow
  • 07:00 IT Meditation
  • 07:00 EN Yoga
  • 07:30 IT Pilates
  • 12:30 EN Pilates
  • 13:00 IT Power Arms
  • 18:30 IT Yoga
  • 19:00 EN Yoga
  • 20:00 IT Pilates
  • 21:00 IT Mindfulness
  • 06:00 EN Pilates
  • 06:30 IT Yoga
  • 07:30 IT Gentle Yoga Flow
  • 09:00 IT SOS abs
  • 12:30 EN Power Yoga
  • 13:00 IT Barre Ballet
  • 18:00 IT Yoga Flow
  • 19:00 EN Barre Ballet
  • 19:00 IT Kundalini Yoga
  • 20:00 IT HIIT or LIIT
  • 07:00 EN Yoga
  • 07:30 IT Pilates
  • 09:00 IT Pilates
  • 12:30 EN Pilates
  • 13:00 IT Feel Good Yoga
  • 18:00 IT Lift the Booty
  • 18:30 IT Flexy
  • 19:00 EN Kundalini Yoga
  • 19:30 IT Rocket Yoga
  • 10:15 IT Face Yoga
  • 11:00 IT Pilates
  • 11:00 EN Yoga
  • 10:00 IT Yoga Base
  • 11:00 IT Yoga Flow
  • 11:00 EN Pilates

Start practicing today with CIAOMONDO

9,90€ per month sign up

“Dancing, meditating, making space and taking it back, rehearsing, making mistakes, sweating, finding yourself, getting lost and letting go, staying, concentrating. On the mat or not, in front of a screen, yet all together. This was, for me, the first beautiful month with CIAOMONDO, full of joy and happiness, strength and grace. And gratitude.”


“A safe space of non-judgement in which to share the rediscovery of the self with other unknown but not strangers. Through practice our body speaks to us, our breath alters and accompanies us with melody in everything we do. Taking the time to look inside ourselves and awaken every single inch of our body that had slumbered in recent years. Emotions are unlocked and we feel free, happy and part of something beautiful and great. Alive.”


"Day after day it has been the help to lean on in this difficult time, the daily appointment with myself, in which to root myself and find stability while everything around me was changing and confusing me. "


The stories of CIAOMONDO are also your story.

Sharing as a key word, this community is all of us and our stories. Here we invite you to tell us your experiences, whether they are of discovery, growth or simply come from the heart. A space where your experience can be a support, inspiration or model to others.


A collection of objects that make us smile and have fun. Unique collaborations and limited editions to spot us when we walk down the street and immediately find the complicit glance and positive energy that being together gives us.

The book of CIAOMONDO

In these pages there is us, our journey of finding balance between mind and body, there are many insights with professionals from different fields, there are exercises and personal stories. You can order the book at the link below or in your favorite bookshop. At the moment, the book is only available in the Italian language.

The method of CIAOMONDO

The CIAOMONDO approach is based on five activities: breathing, movement, meditation, creativity, sharing. These five parts are a method, a checklist of activities to try when you don't feel, mentally and physically, comfortable.


To companies and brands, we offer live and recorded virtual classes in Italian and English led by experienced professionals, spiritual leaders, and teachers, so that every employee feels comfortable.

Questions and support

A safe place where you can take care of yourself every day, where you can find balance through breathing and movement. We have tried to answer the most common questions, if you want more information write to us!