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CCIAOMONDO is a project born from the heart.

It was November 25, 2020, Black Friday, when Licia Florio's community started asking for discounts on her soft sports, nail polish, and clothing collection. If there is one thing founder Licia does not like, it is that holiday, because it pushes people to buy more than they need.

In the meanwhile, Licia longed to give something back to her community, and the most natural thing for her to do was to give away for a month, Yoga, Pilates, Kundalini, and Freedom Dance classes. Practices that have always helped her find a balance between mind and body in her daily life. The project was called Gold Friday.

In that month, she discovered that she was not alone in finding wellness through daily practice, because thousands of people signed up to practice.

After two weeks, the community asked her not to end the project and continue it. They told that they were willing to sign up in order to continue in their evolution.

In January 2021, CIAOMONDO was born. It was founded by Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari with the intention of providing people with mindfulness tools to help them balance mind and body through breathing and movement, creating a place and community of the highest value for a person's mental wellbeing.

CIAOMONDO was born in the Italian language because the idea was to empower people living in small villages to have access to deep practices in their native language that they did not expect to have access to, thus creating new connections and opportunities in their lives.

Other milestones include:
- the new CIAOMONDO project of practices in English with teachers from all over the world
- the publication of the first book "CIAOMONDO. Un metodo per bilanciare mente e corpo" with Fabbri Editori in October 2022
- the collaboration with Porsche, The Art of Dreams x CIAOMONDO at Palazzo Clerici, during Milan Design Week.

"The Art of Dreams is excited to team up with CIAOMONDO to give back to the community with daily LIVE classes hosted in the beautiful Palazzo Clerici located in the heart of Brera district."

Questions and support

A safe place where you can take care of yourself every day, where you can find balance through breathing and movement. We have tried to answer the most common questions, if you want more information write to us!