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Dozens of classes every day live and recorded meditations always available. Access Yoga practices (with many different styles), Pilates, Barre ballet, Meditation, Pranayama, Kundalini, Primitive moves, HIIT, LIIT, Total body, Flexy, Freedom Dance, Workshops, surprises and more.

Find out which plan is right for you.

You may cancel your subscription at any time, without notice, without penalty.

Monthly 9,90€

Unlock access to 80+ English monthly live classes, 120+ Italian monthly live classes, workshops, and surprises. Dozens of recorded vocal meditations are always available, anytime, anywhere.

Annual 115€

With this annual membership your daily practice for less than €2,50 per week. Live practices and recorded meditations always available.

We are seeking balance, that state that makes us feel good in the present and allows us to work on our future.


To companies and brands, we offer live and recorded virtual classes in Italian and English led by experienced professionals, spiritual leaders, and teachers, so that every employee feels comfortable.


A safe virtual space where you can feel good. A kind place where you can practice live on Zoom Yoga, (many different styles) Pilates, Kundalini, Barre Ballet, Freedom Dance, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Flexy, Pranayama, HIIT, Primitive Moves, Total Body. You will also find recorded meditations always available.

A community on Telegram, always there to share, to bond, to make new connections.

More than 80 live classes per month in English, and more than 140 live classes per month in Italian.

Who is Licia Florio?

Licia Florio is an Italian brand that develops responsible and sustainable products and helps you create time for yourself through simple gestures and everyday products to elevate your body, mind and awareness.

Are all classes live?

The classes are live only, they are never recorded and therefore will not be shared after the practice. We believe that your presence during the practice is important, we feel the vibe, and we hope you will seek your moment of presence with us on the mat.

When does the month start? When can I register?

You can subscribe at any time of the month! The subscription starts from the day you subscribe until the following month and then you don't have to worry anymore because the subscription is self-renewing.

Questions and support

A safe place where you can take care of yourself every day, where you can find balance through breathing and movement. We have tried to answer the most common questions, if you want more information write to us!