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Our Teachers

Discover our open-minded, kind, smiley, smart, experienced, and certified teachers. Their mastery of mind and body wellness will guide you in the evolution of your daily path. Practice with us and find out who they are!


She discovered Yoga while living in London in 2015 and has been experimenting and teaching Vinyasa ever since. She moved to Barcelona and in the process continued his career as a freelance designer. She moves a lot with her hands and would only eat pizza and rice every day, and also pineapple or blueberries!

She teaches Yoga in Italian.


She knows how to keep us entertained on the mat, she always reminds us to drink water and that cold showers help keep us toned and active. She has an immense passion for healthy, balanced cooking, she is always ready to give advice on the subject and puts umeboshi anywhere. Aurora is our teacher who gets our cardio up the most!

She teaches HIIT, LIIT, Total Body, Primitive Moves, SOS abs, Lift the Booty, Power Arms in Italian.


You can find her speaking about corporate wellness, teaching yoga, and surfing anywhere the water's warm.

She teaches Yoga in English.


A former competitive athlete who lived between Paris, London, NY, and in 2020 decided to return to Italy, to the sea, in the Liguria region. She loves to go in search of unspoiled places by the sea, at sunrise or sunset.

She teaches Pilates, SOS abs, Lift the Booty, Power Arms in Italian and in English.


Carolina is an Italian actress, screenwriter, and yoga teacher. Her film and theatre projects aim to raise awareness of complex topics which are not so often talked about, such as eating disorders, cat-calling, and the unique relationship between mother and daughter. She is convinced that through art the world can really change.

She teaches Yoga in Italian and in English.


Kundalini Yoga. She lives in Bali and devotes his life to creating spiritual pathways to reconnect with the heart and soul using the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breathing and sacred ceremonies.

She teaches Kundalini in Italian.


Throughout her life, she has devoted herself to studying the body with ballet, contemporary dance, acrobatics, and fitness.

She teaches Yoga in Italian.


She buys more books than she can read, shoots films, writes a newsletter, and is always looking for ideas and resources to guide her creativity.

She teaches Yoga in Italian.


Always fascinated by the relationship between the mind and the body, she found in sports a way to bring these two spheres of her person into contact.

She teaches Yoga in Italian.

Francesca S

Arm muscles: can you hear me? Architect and interior designer. She has lived between Paris and Milan. Francesca's teachings work on grounding and strength.

She teaches Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra in Italian.

Francesca U

She has a background in dance, which taught her how to control her body and connect with the rhythm of breathing.

She teaches Pilates, SOS abs, Lift the Booty, Power Arms, in Italian.

Francesca G

Francesca is an Italian contemporary dance artist, choreographer, and the artistic director of the company Interchange Dance Project. At the moment her life is divided between Australia and Italy.

She teaches Floor Work, Barre Ballet, Improvisation in Italian and in English.


Gabrielle is a passionate Tantric Numerologist and expert in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a technique to release negative emotions and emotional blockages by stimulating acupressure points with fingertips.

She teaches Kundalini Yoga in English.


Dancer and choreographer, in love with cats and with her beautiful countryside. She has a beautiful distinct Parma accent.

She teaches Pilates, SOS abs, Lift the Booty, Power Arms in Italian.

Giada B.

She lives surrounded by the mountains in Valle D'Aosta, in the deepest north of Italy. Giada is a Face Yoga teacher, a practice she approached after suffering from facial hemiparesis at the age of sixteen.

She teaches Face Yoga in Italian.


Gigi loves traveling, laughing at her own jokes, and dancing in the morning while listening to loud music. She dreams of having a vegetable garden and living in the countryside and by the sea, but for now, she is enjoying living in London.

She teaches Yoga in Italian and in English.

Giorgia F.

Giorgia is half Sicilian and half Argentinian. She was born between the rocks and the sun. From an early age, she practiced yoga because she was instructed by her father, who began practicing as a child - in Argentina - followed by his older brother, a yoga guru.

She teaches Flexy, Yoga in Italian.

Giorgia R.

Giorgia is precise and gentle in guiding the asanas. We also find her running the streets of Milan and at the most beautiful festivals and markets with her Asana Food Track where she makes us try her healthy, natural, plant-based food!

She teaches Yoga in Italian.

Giorgia A

You can find her singing in the car, listening to techno music, or reading. Giorgia is a photographer, interior and graphic designer.

She teaches Yoga in Italian and in English.


At the age of fourteen, she discovered Yoga thanks to her mother, and over the years she further evolved her practice. "I will always thank Yoga for stimulating in me the humility to listen."

She teaches Meditazione, Yoga, Yoga Nidra in Italian.


Holly started her journey as a professional dancer and has always loved movement. The best feeling after a practice? Shavasana. "It’s not often that we get much time through our day to be still and mindful!"

She teaches Yoga, Yin Yoga in English.


Judith defines herself as an adventure chaser and a movement creator. She is an actress and an athlete. She has learned thanks to the practice to balance her daily life and her work through the work on her mind, breath, body, and her voice.

She teaches Pilates, Yoga, Yogalates in English.


Trained with Master Gurmukh and Master Shiv Charan Singh and Holistic Coach. Student in naturopathy and the sacred feminine.

She teaches Kundalini Yoga in Italian.


Professional dancer, often touring around the world with Diana Ferrara's Astraromaballet company.

She teaches Barre Ballet, Pilates in Italian and in English.


Mana is one of the very few Senior Rocket Yoga mentors in Spain. She currently lives in Barcelona and she focuses on living a balanced lifestyle, physically, mentally and spiritually.

She teaches Yoga, Rocket Yoga in English.


Spontaneously light-hearted and joyful, Marisse loves to laugh, mainly at herself, and approaches her teaching and life playfully and brightly.

She teaches Yoga in English.


Born in Milan but later moved to Parma, Monica is always smiling. She is never still, but always dynamic and curious. She is a consistent passionate reader, a vegetarian and always listening to music in her headphones.

She teaches Pilates, Yoga in Italian and in English.


Based in Copenhagen, Prudence is a health impactor, training, and nutrition expert with a focus on self-care and holistic health.

She teaches Pilates in English.


A combination of gentleness and strength, joy and emotion every time we step onto the mat. With her, we build a path of gentle and stable, dynamic, and fun practice to experiment on and off the mat as if we were waves in motion.

She teaches Yoga, Yoga Sperimentale in Italian.


Ruben has over ten years of experience in movement. He is a former professional ballet dancer and has performed internationally with world-class companies such as The Bavarian State Ballet and the National Ballet of Portugal as well as modeled all the way to a feature on Vogue Italia.

He teaches Yoga in English.


Sandra is a Lithuanian girl living in England. She is a huge girl's girl, always supporting other women to achieve their goals and shine!

She teaches Pilates in English.


"I want to be able to share what I learn", with this cue she approaches teaching. Her life is a continuous research that has embraced many different studies, including art. She has experimented with sports such as tennis and running and now also works as a chemical laboratory technician in capillary gas chromatography.

She teaches Rocket Yoga in Italian.


Born and raised in Germany, with Macedonian origins by her mom's side, Sophia is a creative and free-minded Aquarius. She started as a Ballet dancer at the age of 5 and danced in the Theatre until she was 20.

She teaches Yoga, Barre Ballet in English.


She lives constantly on the move even though she is now rooted in Liguria. She loves travelling, seeing the sea every morning, feeling its breeze and being upside down!

She teaches Yoga in Italian and in English.


Born in Bolivia at an altitude of 3,600m, practically touching the sky. She traveled the world driven by her great passions: music, dance, and art until she stopped in Milan. During her classes, we will be on a path of connection and evolution with ourselves.

She teaches Mindfulness Italian and in English.


She discovered singing before she even started walking thanks to her pianist aunt. In 2016 she began her path of music therapy and Benenzon non-verbal therapy, specializing in singing therapy.

She teaches Musiotherapy, Cantotherapy in Italian.


She teaches us how to have fun through dance. She snaps her fingers and reminds us of names and positions from ballet and combines them with Pilates training. Viola makes us dream with a chair instead of a barre and the playlists she chooses for Barre Ballet set the mood for the class.

She teaches Pilates, Yoga Dance, Freedom Dance© in Italian and in English.


Moving through space freely, a meditation in motion. She teaches us to trust ourselves, and not to be afraid of our intuition through guided and free movements of our body and mind.

She teaches Intuitive Yoga Flow in Italian and in English.


Yuli is vibrant, intuitive, energetic, reliable and a curious yogini who imparts her passion for life and well-being in her teaching.

She teaches Pilates, Yoga in English.

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