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With her we will work on the awareness of the self and of the reality in the here and now, in the present moment and in a non-judgmental way. Awareness can be achieved through meditation techniques and she will also accompany us with crystal bells. Tamara is a professional dancer trained by Steps on Broadway Conservatory, New York, she teaches Yoga, Mindfulness, Aromatherapy and Bioneuroemotion, a method devised by the Enric Corbera Institute in Barcelona where she studied.

What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

Soy cappuccino and chocolate croissant!

What is the first thing you do every morning to start your day the best way?

I start my day by connecting with a state of deep silence, then with my yoga, meditation and pranayama practices.

What would you write on a billboard in the centre of your city?

"You are entirely up to you." "You are the creator of your own destiny."

Do you have rituals that help you feel more confident with yourself?

Yes, my ritual is called "a pause to be present". This practice stems from the need to recognise our true intentions in a world of stimuli and expectations. Our inner compass guides us, learning to read it requires dedication and practice. Only through introspective pause can we learn to know ourselves. This Mindfulness practice will be a key part of my courses, we will explore the details together.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘success’?

Doing what you love, loving what you do.

If you were invited to speak at a conference and you didn't have to talk about your work, what would you talk about?

I would talk about how beauty is not static but sentient and can be used to save the world.

Is there anything you believe in that other people find crazy?

That tarot and psychomagic are science.

What human characteristic most appeals to you?

The kind of look in some people's eyes, which makes you realise how much life has passed them by.

Three people you would invite for dinner if you had the chance and why.

Alan Watts, Maya Angelou and Dali. Spirituality, compassion and brilliance.

Do you tend to choose courage or comfort?

Brave choices to achieve comfortable freedom.

If you could change your job for a day, what would you become?

I would be a perfume artisan, a nose. Developing perfumes, that is, creator of smells.

Do you have any favourite podcasts? Which ones would you suggest?

The Melissa Ambrosini Show, Under the Skin, The Moth & Sabiduria Psicodelica.

Describe your practice in three words.

Deconstructing, radical compassion, radiant.


Your everyday uniform: Something comfortable but with a funky touch.
Favourite flower: Cactus flower.
Your comfort food: Artichoke Roman style toast!
Your favourite magazine: AnOther Magazine.
The book of your heart: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.
Your favourite artist: Nature.
Your favourite city: La Paz, Bolivia.