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Yoga was a discovery. She studied Vinyasa and Hot Vinyasa in New York, where she lives and teaches. She loves to create sequences and playlists that can make each practice unique and useful for anyone. Through her classes she hopes to convey a deep connection between mind and body as well as the realisation that it is a privilege to be able to move and that wherever we are right now, physically and mentally, it is OK.

What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

It depends on the day, sometimes almond milk with cereal, sometimes hot milk or tea with biscuits.

What is the first thing you do every morning to start your day the best way?

A little stretching in bed. I stretch my feet and hands as far as I can and take a big breath.

What would you write on a billboard in the centre of your city?

"Hands at the helm and eyes to the stars". A phrase that has become my motto since my second mum said it to me!

Do you have rituals that help you feel more confident with yourself?

Reading and walking. Sometimes I take the bike, put on the music, and sing the songs I loved when I was 12.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘success’?

Being able to do what I love and sharing my days with those I love.

If you were invited to speak at a conference and you didn't have to talk about your work, what would you talk about?

About how important mental health is in my field. I am an actress and a scriptwriter: having psychological support and a strong passion, like yoga is for me, has helped me a lot in giving me time to reach my goals as an artist.

Is there anything you believe in that other people find crazy?

The ring game, this one is really silly but I think it really works. It consists of taking a ring, preferably a wedding ring, putting it on a chain and moving it in a specific way on a person's palm. It will tell you how many children you will have and what sex they will be. Please don't judge me!

What human characteristic most appeals to you?

Goodness and curiosity.

Three people you would invite for dinner if you had the chance and why.

Patti Smith because she taught me, through her book Just Kids, what love is. Marina Abramović because she is not afraid to push boundaries. Viola Davis because she is an actress I respect immensely.

Do you tend to choose courage or comfort?

Courage always (and sometimes I'm wrong!)

If you could change your job for a day, what would you become?

Criminal lawyer.

Do you have any favourite podcasts? Which ones would you suggest?

Too many!!! Right now I'm listening to episodes of Festival Della Mente. I also really love Modern Love, I Weight by Jameela Jamil and all the works of Pablo Trincia.

Describe your practice in three words.

Fun, mind-body, accessible.


Your everyday uniform: In summer, loose, light trousers and Friulian shoes. In winter, velvet trousers, jumper and waistcoat. For Yoga always and only Licia Florio soft sport!
Favourite flowers: Sunflowers
Your comfort food: Biagio’s pizza (historic Milanese pizzeria)
Your favourite magazine: Internazionale
The book of your heart: Just Kids by Patti Smith but also the whole Harry Potter saga by J.K. Rowling
Your favourite artist: It changes all the time but for now it's Mahershala Ali Your favourite city: New York