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Carlotta is STOTT Pilates Matwork teacher certified in London. She taught us from day one what a square is, which for newcomers is the activation of the core, of the abdominals, but she was able to make us identify it in a gentle and fun way. Her lessons are precise, punctual, she goes into detail, in depth of each movement and explains by looking for symbols that can lighten the tightness of the movement. She lives in Arenzano and she is often at sea doing stand up paddle!

What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

Almond milk, oats and seasonal fruit from the garden. I don't like sticking to a routine, I like to alternate with pancakes with chestnut flour, milk and coffee.

What is the first thing you do every morning to start your day the best way?

I follow the rhythms of the sun to get outdoors: during summer I swim in the sea and do some Pilates, during winter I walk in the mountains behind my house. Sunrise is my time of concentration and setting goals for the day.

What would you write on a billboard in the centre of your city?

Love yourself, no one else will do it for you.

Do you have rituals that help you feel more confident with yourself?

My morning practice helps me both physically, to feel strong, and mentally, to maintain focus and to be on the right path according to my vision. I try to set myself macro goals, or dreams if we want to be more romantic, and try to make them 'achievable' by setting small monthly, weekly, and daily steps.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘success’?

There is professional success, which for me, is succeeding in an undertaking, by hand, with your team. There is personal success, realising one's dreams, although sometimes success is also being able, without fear, to express a dream out loud.

If you were invited to speak at a conference and you didn't have to talk about your work, what would you talk about?

About children because they can always teach you three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, to demand with all force what they want.

Is there anything you believe in that other people find crazy?

Getting out of bed to be out and about at dawn. I've always been asked if I'm crazy, but when I don't do that, I feel like my days start out wrong.

What human characteristic most appeals to you?

Humbleness, especially in 'successful' people, and empathy, I have always thought it to be a quality that makes people special.

Three people you would invite for dinner if you had the chance and why.

A Buddhist monk, an inhabitant of the North Pole and a person who has never had the chance to have a hot meal. The reason is unique: sharing and learning, different cultures, different life stories.

Do you tend to choose courage or comfort?

Courage, it has always been hard as a choice, but I have never regretted it.

If you could change your job for a day, what would you become?

Volunteer on a humanitarian mission.

Do you have any favourite podcasts? Which ones would you suggest?

Tony Robbins, The Economist, Ted talks.

Describe your practice in three words.

Squares, rainbows, breathing. A journey around the world: I like to describe the movements of our body with images that refer to our everyday life, even if rainbows are not always there!


Your everyday uniform: Am I being obvious if I say leggings and bra by Licia Florio? And also an infinity of cotton shirts in summer and oversized jumpers in winter.
Favourite flowers: Strelizia, a South African flower, said to have been named after Queen Charlotte of England, but it just happens to be my favourite, I love its colours and shape.
Your comfort food: Pasta with pesto and focaccia.
Your favourite magazine: Cereal
The book of your heart: The School for Gods by Stefano Elio D'anna Your favourite artist: Xavier Rudd.
Your favourite city: NYC, Paris, and London.